Who we are

Studio Kominis is an award-winning photography studio & agency based in Athens, Greece. Founded by photographer Kostas Kominis back in 1973, it continues to day under Nikolas Kominis and a trusted team of experienced, trusted associates.

Our studio is particularly versatile, with a field of expertise ranging from weddings and all kinds of social events to reportage, architectural and interior photography, as well as projects in the fields of art, culture and entertainment.

Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art gear, including high-end cameras and premium lenses.

Nikolas Kominis

Creative Director and Photographer

Born in Athens and growing up close to his father, the photographer Kostas Kominis, Nikolas started looking at the world through a camera lens from a very young age. His very first photo was published in the daily newspaper “Ta Nea” when he was just seven years old.

Nikolas started taking photos for the agency back in 1992 and continued doing so while studying photography at the Leica Academy. His early work was mostly fo-cused on sports reportage. Over the years, he has covered some of the most im-portant international sporting events in Greece and abroad, including the Olympic Games held in Athens (2004) and London (2012), and has collaborated with various major Greek and international media outlets.

In recent years, his work has shifted primarily to more creative projects like weddings, interiors, cinema and theater plays.

His first solo exhibition “The aftermath of Victory” took place in 2003. He has also par-ticipated in several group photo exhibitions.